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Hi all,

My first question... so bare with me if this one has already been answered or there is an easy solution (I'm relatively new to all this). I have created a 6 question quiz with a results slide, I then want, depending on the result to send the learner to specific slides i.e.

1 out of 6 go to slide 1

2 out of 6 go to slide 2

3 out of 6 go to slide 3


I've tried to find a solution with no luck, so hopefully, somebody will be able to help me, please!



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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Michael,

Welcome to the community .

First, know that the attached is really plain vanilla...functionality only...not pretty at all!

I've done part of it, you'll need to finish it.

  • There are 6 T/F quiz slide; answers to all = T
  • There's a Results slide; I changed the passing percent to 100, just to simplify.
  • There are 3 additional slides: you got one right, you got 2 right, you got 3 right

I added 3 layers named: 3 correct, 2 correct, 1 correct

Each layer has a text box with a link to its associated slide.

For example, the text box on the 3 correct layer says, " you got 3 correct. go to slide 3 ... with a link to that slide.

I inserted 3 triggers on the Failure layer of the results slide.

For example, one of the triggers says:

Show the 1 correct layer when the timeline starts (on the failure layer) IF Results.Scorepoints=10.

You'll need to add the triggers for 4 correct, 5 correct, and 6 correct. Remember, the 6 correct text box will need to go on the Success Layer, since Learners will have 100%.

Oh, and you'll need to add the other jump to slides.

Have a good weekend!

Michael Mounsey

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for the welcome! Sorry for the late reply, turned off my laptop a little early for a long weekend!

This is PERFECT! I didn't think of doing it with additional layers, just tried to jump from step 1 to 3 and missed 2!

Hopefully at some point in the future I can offer advise instead of asking for help, but everyone has to start somewhere!

Thanks again,


Carolina Navas

I am trying to create a quiz slide that is basically a "course completion" slide. This seems to be the only way that my LMS will capture the completion of my course...

I am having a real hard time working with triggers and variables... Any help would be appreciated. An example would be best...

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Michael,

I'm glad that solution will work for you. And you're right, we all start somewhere! This community is a great resource and I'm sure you'll be answering questions soon...and for that matter, I'm still asking them. There's SO much to know!

Carolina, perhaps this support article will point you in the right direction: How to submit course completion to an LMS on a specific slide

If not, you may want to create a new post for your question in case it gets "missed" here (since the title of this thread is Quiz Results Navigation).