quiz results reporting as 0% in LMS Sakai

Aug 07, 2019

Hello All, 

I have a quiz in storyline that's not reporting specific quiz results in my LMS, Sakai. I'm using SCORM 2004 with 3rd edition, which is what our LMS requires. I have a results slide that should track all the results, and a trigger to submit that result slide at the end of the quiz. I managed to finally get a "completed" status result and it shows a "failed" for the success status, but I don't receive any specific grades. It only shows 0% out of 100%. 

Any suggestions? 

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Gerry Wasiluk

Yes, you can get a free trial account with SCORM Cloud.

Some info:


I've been signed up for a trial account for years.

Note the storage limit.  When things get too large, I just end up deleting an old course in my library to free up space.  And if my course is over 100 MB, I just delete a few slides in a copy of the course.

One more thing:  SCORM Cloud is a service of Rustici and Associates--and they provide Articulate with their AICC, SCORM, and Tin Code code.  They are THE experts.