Quiz Results Slide isn't calculating correctly


The quiz results page isn't calculating correctly.  All of the answers were answered correctly and the your score% was 42% not 100%.

This is the first time I have used this type of slide.  How do I get the % to calculate correctly?  Also, if someone retakes the exam, how can I have the results % reflect the latest exam taken?

Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.

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Brian Allen

Hello Gayle,

My guess is that you need to go thru your questions in Form view and make sure that the correct answer is selected for each one, as currently it doesn't appear to be.

It's hard to tell, because you've overridden the default correct/incorrect/try again triggers.

For example, question 3 (slide 4?) is showing the correct layer when question group "D" is selected, but when I look at the same question in form view group "A" is selected as the correct answer. While you can override the triggers for your slide layers, Storyline is still telling your results slide (for this question) that "A" is the correct answer.

Going through all of your questions in form view and making sure the correct answer is selected *should* fix the problem.

Additionally, you can save yourself some time on future builds and let Storyline take care of showing the correct/incorrect/try again layers. These are triggers you don't have to worry about building, Storyline does it all for you automagically for quiz questions.

Question 3, slide view - 


Question 3, form view -