Quiz Results Slide - Survey and MC Questions - Feedback Issue

Good Afternoon, 

I am working on an interaction that will include three survey questions followed by 10 multiple-choice questions. I want the student to be able to review all slides via the Results slide. The catch is, on the survey slides, I want to provide "expert answer" type feedback. Is there a way that when they click Review Quiz it will include their answer as well as the "expert answer" in order for them to compare? 

Thanks in advance!

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Aileen Lynch

Hi Wendy! Thanks so much for your response. So I created the survey question and chose to include feedback (which is essentially the Expert Answer). When they get to the Results slide, I want the feedback slide to display or else include a button where they can compare their response with the Expert Answer. I do not see the option you mentioned . I just see the option to include feedback by question, etc. 

Thanks again!


Wendy Farmer

Hi Aileen

I know that someone did a Screenr (recording) of how to get a review layer to appear during review quiz.  It had something to do with creating a customised layer and having the word 'review' in the name of the layer.  For the life of me I can't put my hand on it now but will keep looking. Stay tuned...

In the meantime I am sure a 'SuperHero' will come to your rescue ;-)