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Aug 01, 2013


I have a test that has 3 sections, the first two are just plain multiple choice, but the third section has four dialogue listening questions and 2 reading questions. Each listening question has 3 versions of one dialogue with three versions of questions for test security.

I currently have it set up so that each dialogue audio file is in a separate slide in a question bank. The question bank chooses one randomly, and then that one advances to the set of 3 questions for that particular version. I'm having a hard time understanding now how I will be able to score the test correctly, if I have to choose all the versions of the questions to be scored, but only one set will be completed by the student.

Can someone please help me with this? It's driving me crazy :P



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Sara Reller

I'm not totally sure I understand your question here but I'll take a shot at it.

Q1. 1 pt

Q2. 1 pt

Q3. 1 pt

Q4. 1 pt

Q5. 1 pt

Question bank pulls any 3 of those 5 Q.

Total possible score: 3 (because 3 q are asked)

Passing score: 2 (because you have to get 2 correct)

Any 2 q's correct gets a passing score.

It should add the points possible and give you a total possible score and then your score. So if we had instead:

Q1. 1 pt

Q2. 1 pt

Q3. 1 pt

Q4. 1 pt

Q5. 5 pt

And the bank drew: Q1, Q3, Q4

Total possible would be 3, passing 2.

If the bank drew Q1, Q4, Q5

Total possible would be 7, passing 5 (or whatever your % to pass was...)

Does this help? 

Daniela Schiano di Cola

Sorry I didn't explain it thoroughly, the questions are not in a question bank, the audio files and the reading passages are. So it looks like this:

Question Bank 1:

Dialogue Version 1A

Dialogue Version 1B

Dialogue Version 1C

The bank choose 1 randomly. Then, that slide is set to advance to a new scene, which has:

Dialogue Version 1A Questions 1 through 3

Question 3 then has a trigger to advance this to the next Question Bank 2, which has Dialogue Version 2A, 2B, 2C.

So my questions are not in a bank, they're in a scene....I can't figure out how to put them in a bank, and have them coincide with the dialogue version they need to coincide with (i.e. Dialogue Version 1A must be followed by Dialogue Version 1A Questions)

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