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I hope this post finds everyone in good health.  I am having difficulties with the following:

  1. I am creating a Code of Ethics lesson which requires employees to read and acknowledge our company's ethics policy (no issues here).
  2. This lesson has two slides with a yes/no answer and two slides with free form entries.
  3. For compliance, I must have the name of the employee, and the answers they chose to show up on one spreadsheet when I "pull" the report.

Unfortunately, every time I try and change a setting or add triggers, the results are the same, one report just tells me who completed the lesson and another report shows me the answers given but no name (see attachment).  What can I do to ensure the name of the user and their answers populate in the same report?  Thank you for your time and assistance.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Jay!

Thank you so much for sharing those attachments. Are you using a Learning Management System? If so, you can see all this information in the report you pull from the LMS.

For example, I imported your course into SCORM cloud. I took the quiz and then pulled a report. In the report, I can see the name of the learner, which answers they selected, and the text from the text entry field. You can see my test here. 

Lastly, here's more about SCORM cloud and how to test your course using SCORM cloud!