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Andrea Squires


It's still not working, but I'm wondering something. I customized the
feedback slides and added a Correct feedback slide since (I don't know why)
selecting Question in the Score by fields only generates two feedback
slides (Incorrect and TryAgain).

Could my Correct slide be interfering with the submission of interaction

I have a previous version of the quiz without the customized slides and it
seems to work correctly. Here's the previous version for comparison.

Thanks for your help!


Wendy Farmer

Ok.  I noticed you had odd result variables in the list so I deleted the result slide, created a new project file and imported your slides in and then added a new result slide (you'll need to check the % - i left at the default 80) but it's now working in Preview and returns the results slide.

Take a look and see if this works for you.

Also if I can make a suggestion, if I get the answer correct I probably wouldn't show the 'correct feedback' I let the user flow from the one slide to another and just pull them up when they get it incorrect...that just IMHO.