quiz retry adding additional question to bank

Hi, I hope someone can help me because I am tearing my hair out here!  I have a question bank of 13 from which I am randomly selecting 10 questions. This works absolutely fine on the first run through of the quiz, but when I get to the results page and click retry quiz, there are 11 questions asked.  Anyone else come across this?  Any ideas?

Thank you

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Simon Perkins

Hi Mandy

When I ran it I noticed qnumber wasn't being reset to 0, hence a retry would show "Question 11 of 10" then "Question 12 of 10" and so on.

Just add a trigged to the Rertry button that resets qnumber to 0 (and make sure it happens before the same button sends the learner back to the quiz.

My version attached.

Bruce Graham


I am not getting this - I get 10 questions each time.


What I certainly DO get is the Question NUMBER being displayed, (e.g 11 of 10 - see attached image), which was in fact only the 10th question asked.

You seem to have a Trigger set "Add 1.00 to qnumber when the timeline starts" - could this be something to do with it?

Hope that helps - and that hair comes back quickly.


Simon Perkins

Mandy Noble said:

Hi Simon, qnumber is reset at the start of the quiz.  retry runs normally until it gets to 11 of 10.

My retry wasn't running until it hit 11 of 10.

The other thing I noticed was your Retry button wasn't going back to a particular slide - so I don't know if you wanted it to to the intro slide or the quiz itself.  Either way, the version I posted above works fine for me as I get 10 questions (always 1 of 10 through to 10 of 10) on each retry.  Is it working for you?