Quiz retry in Storyline

Dec 04, 2015

Hi all

Can someone point me in the right direction of a tutorial or provide the instructions on how to set up a retry button on a quiz in Storyline to only allow 1 retry (ie if learner fails they are allowed 1 attempt to retake the quiz - if they fail again they are taken to the final slide of the e-learning)



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Patricia!

When you enable the Retry Quiz button on the result slide for a quiz, learners will have an unlimited number of attempts to take the quiz. But you can change this behavior by adding a variable to track the number of attempts and a couple of triggers to set a limit on the number of quiz attempts allowed. See this tutorial for details.

Wendy Farmer

Sure Kashif

This should work without seeing your setup

You can add a button called Restart Course on the result slide with an initial state of hidden.

Set a trigger - change state of Restart Course button to normal when timeline starts on result slide on condition that scorepoints < passpoints AND attempt count =2


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