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Nov 27, 2012


I am looking to provide a summary of the final quiz at the end of the course,  I have looked at the 'review quiz' button functionality but would prefer to have the summary on a single slide for the entire quiz, in table format, with the question text and correct/incorrect indicator for each question.  Is this possible?


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Mike Enders


Here's what I'd do.  

1. Create a question list on your final results slide. 

2. To the right of each list item I'd have a shape with two states (correct and incorrect) with each state a different color and containing the appropriate word.

3. Create a T/F variable for each question slide

4. Trigger the adjustment of that variable on each quiz slide (T if they go it correct, F if it's incorrect).  So for example, you could tie it to the Continue button on the Correct or Incorrect layers.

5. On the results slide, create a trigger for each shape in step 2 that changes the state to correct or incorrect based upon it's evaluation of the variable associated with that particular question.


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Yikes, Mike! I wonder if Stephanie was looking for something a little more automated? (I was hopin')!

I've created something here that I think is somewhat as you'd suggested. I didn't tie it to the continue button (wasn't sure what you'd meant). I placed the summary slide after the results slide.

But, as it stands it doesn't tell the Learner a lot in terms of what the correct answer should have been. Just shows what was right or wrong. What am I missing in how I should have set this up?

Mike Enders


The challenge with your current set up is thus...

So let's say the learner is on that first slide and clicks the False radio button, thereby triggering the shihpootype variable to flip to 'False'.  What if the learner then changes their mind and wants to select the other answer?   You'd need another trigger to switch it to false. Otherwise, the response page could say they've gotten it correct (or wrong) when they really haven't.  Also,  now you've got two triggers on the slide.  My thought is that if you tie the variable change to the continue button on the correct layer, then you'll accomplish the same goal but only need to use one trigger and be assured that the variable is only flipping to true if they've answered correctly.

I hope that makes sense.


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Mike,

Tx. I didn't understand what you meant by "tying it to continue", but I thought about it some more and I gather you meant to have the variable adjusted when the Learner clicks the continue button. So, I've done that here. And I appreciate your explaining why it needs to be done that way.

Back to my other question: I'm still just showing  which questions were right and wrong, but not what the correct answer should have been, which the Review Results approach does - so giving the Learner more information. Is there something else I should be doing here to show that? Or is that not part of the solution? TIA

Mike Enders


I'm thinking you'd have to build that in manually as well.  So have another "column" in your information screen that displays the correct answer (or incorrect).  So, for example, let's say you wanted to do a "You chose" column and a "Correct answer is Column", you'd have the correct answer column be static.  In the You Chose column, you could have a text box with a state for each possible answer in that question which is changed by yet another variable set that you'd create to track specifically what they answered.  

I think it could be done...but yowza...it'd take some work.

Stephanie Powner

Hi Rebecca/Mike

Apologies for the huge delay in getting back and thanks for your efforts here.  My added complication  is that the questions are a random draw from a question bank making the static elements i.e. the question not possible (I think?!).  I'd be interested to know if I can get around this ....but think it will be difficult. Thanks again.

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