Quiz review and result slide diplays incorrect feedback

The following problem is reported by some of our users.

Users answer 26 MPC questions in a quiz randomly taken from a set of question banks. They have to answer at least 24 questions correctly. However, when they give 24 or more correct answers the result screen gives a lower number of correct answers (see first screenshot; unfortuanletly in Dutch but but is shows that user has 22 answers correct while it must be 24). When they review their given answers they see answers marked as incorrect which are in fact correct (see secoond screenshot; it shows that the given answer is correct (green box) while the message says 'incorrect'). The score is calculated correctly, and also the result screen displayes the result correctly (see first screenshot; result is 'passed').

The problem only seems to occur for some users, others have no problems and so far we where not able to reproduce the problem. Hope you can help!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Edward! Are you able to find any commonality among the users having issue? Environment/browser perhaps. Please be sure that they are viewing in a supported environment as explained here.

I apologize, but I will have to take a look at your file next week, unless you would prefer to reach out to our support team here to see if they can assist.

Edward Bosma

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for your help.

Our client gave us 5 accounts for which this problem occured. If we logon to our lms with these accounts and review the test we see the incorrect slide feedback and result slide. We cannot see any pattern there, no particular slides. Unfortunately we have no info on device or browser used.

We had a theory that it could have something to do with the scorm suspend data field, as these users did the test in multiple sessions. However we cannot read the suspend data that storyline stores.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Edward!

Looks like you reached out to our support team (00741472) and Robert is assisting you.

Thanks for sharing the update there as well and I would advise that you continue working with our support team.

I did want to share that replying to the forums via e-mail attaches your signature. You are welcome to pop in and edit that if needed. I will follow along with your case as well.