Quiz Review - Can change some answers, but not others

I have several quizzes in SL2.  All quizzes are set the same, set for users to review the quiz and to retry the quizzes.  Here's the problem.  I can review quiz 01, I can see the answers, and I cannot change the answers; I can "Next" my way to the results slide, "retry" the quiz and all is good.  However, on quiz 02, when I review, I can see the answers, however, I'm able to change the answer to 2 of the 5 questions during the review.  This is not okay.  I can't find a setting anywhere that is different that is allowing this to happen on just a few slides.  Anyone?

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Nicole Tejeda

Hi Wendy,

My issue is with the review quiz not allowing users to move past the first reviewed question. Nor does it allow users to re-answer the question as the section states to do.

This course was created by a previous designer, but no options were made visible to me to correct this issue. I read online that there was a review layer, but that did not seem to show as well.


Nicole Tejeda
Instructional Designer
Vale Training Solutions