Quiz Review Design Problem?

I think I have bumped into a fundamental design problem with the quizzing function in SL. Here's a simplified scenario:

(1) You have a list of 20 questions. (I actually have a lot more than 20, but you get the idea.)

(2) The user may want to take the quiz multiple times, reviewing after each try.

If you set the quiz slide Revisit property to "automatically decide", it is going to save the answers from the first quiz attempt. This prevents the user from taking the quiz multiple times.

If you set the quiz slide Revisit properties to "reset to intial state", the user can successfully take the same quiz over and over. BUT, if he/she does a "Review Quiz" at the end, two new problems appear:

     (1) In the Review, all the student answers are deleted.

     (2) Subsequent attempts to take the quiz only show the previous Review. That is, after looking over a Review the student can't retake the quiz.

This seems to be pretty significant and I hope I'm just doing something wrong. Any suggestions?

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