Quiz review displays incorrect feedback

Oct 09, 2015

Hi there, when I click the Review quiz button, it navigates to the quiz slides but displays "incorrect" even though I answered the question correctly. I have set the property of the quiz slides to Resume saved state..

Also how do I customize what slides get reviewed? I have 1 non-quiz slide (normal slides with video questions). I've attached the story file if needed.. Many thanks

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Marina Grinberg

Hi Ashley, you were right I didn't have anything selected for the first question-silly me. But for the question with the drag and drop interaction the correct answer is Group B.

There are other draggable objects on the screen, but I've set "Group B" to have "bubble" as the drop target in the options here - please see image below. But in the quiz review it shows this slide as incorrect even though it's correct.. does that make sense? I can upload the amended story file if you want?

Thanks again

drag and drop options

Cyd Walker

Hi Ashley, I'm searching for answers to my question and came across this. For retrying a question I wanted to have the slide reset. In another post it says to set properties of the quiz side to reset to initial state for retrying. This works for retaking the question.

Now when someone reviews the quiz answers, as you mention - during review all questions (whether one got them correct or not) show as incorrect. Any suggestions to better handle retries - do you suggest resetting the slide or what else?

Vincent Scoma

Hi Cindy,

There are a couple of ways to go about this depending on how you would like the questions to be reset. Here are a couple of ideas below that I hope will help: 

Please let us know if you have any questions about this! We are happy to help! 

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