Quiz Review: Drag and Drop Not Displaying Correct Answer

Jul 12, 2012

I created a sample quiz with three questions: One freeform drag and drop and two questions from the Quizzing Template. During the Quiz Review, the correct answer is NOT displayed for the drag and drop, but the correct answers are displayed for the other two questions. How can I get the correct answer to show up during the Quiz Review for drag and drop questions (and, I'm assuming, for any free form?) Thanks!

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Andrew Elder

Without seeing exactly how you built the quiz slide, double-check your triggers to make sure the right objects are matched where you think they are. When creating a multiple choice quiz, I didn't realize that the default option left the answers on Shuffle, so I got my own questions wrong the first time I put it through it's paces!

Could you post a screenshot/screencast of your quiz slide and results slide showing the disconnect?

Jennifer Bircher

Thanks Andrew. The Results slide does track the correct answer correctly - the issue is that if you get it wrong and go back to the Review, the freeform question does not display the correct answer. The non-freeform questions do show the correct answer during the Review.

And thanks Nancy. It sounds like the correct answer can't be displayed, but I'll follow up with a case to Articulate.

Jennifer Bircher

Yeah it took me awhile to find it too! On the slide containing the question, open the question dialog box (e.g. click the Edit Drag and Drop button at the top of the right pane). Then, in the feedback section, just enter a space into the Post-Quiz Review text box. Save and Close. You should then see a Review Layer with probably a default box for feedback. You can use that box to display the correct answer, or just delete it and create whatever you want to display the correct answer.

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