Quiz review navigation issue

This might be kind of an edge case, but I have a set of quiz questions at the end of a scene, the last of which navigates to the next scene when the learner clicks "Continue" in the feedback box. The problem arises if/when the learner navigates back to those questions and advances through them using the Next button in the player, which is only visible after answers have been submitted for those questions. When the learner gets to the last question in that scene and clicks Next, nothing happens. Given this scenario, is there a way to make the Next button trigger navigation to the next scene?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Steve,

Thanks for linking to that other thread - and it seems that one had a few different issues that were going on over a couple year, so hard to say that they're the same thing. But this thread sounds a bit more in line with your triggers and set up - and if you'd like us to take a look at the .story file we're always happy too. 

Steve Wilhite

Ashley, I think both threads present pretty much the same issue. Unfortunately, the solution provided in the thread you mentioned doesn't work, because the Next button that appears only during quiz review automatically goes to the next slide regardless of the trigger that was used on the feedback layers. It appears that the only reliable solution is to add a blank slide to the end of the scene that navigates to the next scene when its timeline starts.