Quiz review - Prev and Next buttons

I'm trying to publish a basic eLearning module with a quiz.

I'm not using the built in next and previous buttons during the eLearning so would like to avoid having to use them in the quiz review.

Can anyone tell me how to add bespoke prev and next buttons to the review or if its even possible. If its not possible how do I switch on the standard ones just for the review slides?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Angela, 

When learners review a quiz (or revisit question slides they've already submitted), they'll see Articulate Storyline's built-in Prev and Next buttons in the lower right corner of the player—even if you've disabled them throughout your course. These navigation buttons are necessary for learners to review quiz slides.

If you'd like to have an option to disable the Prev and Next buttons during quiz review so you can use your own custom navigation buttons, please let us know!  I have seen some users mention removing all player elements entirely and that stops the prev/next buttons from having room to appear.

As for the customization of the Review layer itself, you may want to take a look at this article! 

David Gluchowski

I just found out that if you disable the player submit option (I've created a custom submit button for quiz takers to use instead) then the previous and next buttons on the quiz review do not appear. I'm working around it by enabling the player submit option.

My guess is that this is not intended functionality.

Lauren Connelly

Hello David!

Have you disabled both the Submit and Prev/Next buttons? Quiz slides use the Submit button by default. 

I'm not able to recreate this error on my end. Do you have a sample file that you could share with us? If so, can you attach it to this discussion using the Add Attachment button? Or you can share it privately by using this private upload link.