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Judy Nollet

Hi, Fridolin,

You can't replace the built-in review checkmark. But you can turn it off by editing the Review trigger: 

Deselect the "Show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing" checkbox to hide the checkmarks. (The program will still show the "Correct" or "Incorrect" banners at the bottom of the slide, based on how the user answered. There's no way to edit those.) 

If you want to provide a custom review mark, you could do using a Review layer. Storyline will automatically add a Review layer when you enter text in the Post-quiz review field when you're looking at the question in Form View. 

Note: You can edit the text and other objects on the Review layer. However, if you want to add custom marks next to the correct answers, you have to turn off Shuffling so the answers will always be presented in the same order.