Quiz Review Text Color

Is it possible to change the color of the text that appears when you allow a user to review a quiz? For example, if you have a fill in the blank question, when you allow a review, the correct answer is displayed on the screen. I customized my quiz to have a dark background, and the review text is black so it is a little hard to see. (Sorry if this is just an easy fix, I couldn't find where to do it. My quiz text is white, so I assumed my review text would be white also)

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Nancy Woinoski

I think the color of the review text is controlled by the color of the base text that is set up for the player.

To change the color, click the Player tab > select Color&Effects >Show advanced color editing >Under Edit Item select Base and then change the text color.

Note that changing this color will change the default text colorĀ  for other elements such as the text on the resources tab, course title etc.