Quiz s and Scores


I have created a quiz that has 10 questions and the answers are multi response. Each question is allocated 10 points

Each question has 4 choices but

Question 1 - only 1 options is correct

Question 2 - 2 responses are correct

Question 3 - only 1 option is correct

Question 4 - 3 responses are correct

The quiz is set so the user has to get all the correct responses on the question to get the points. The subject matter expert who gave me the questions now wants to people to get partial scores if they choose some of the responses. so if on Question 3 they choose only one option they would still get some of the points available.

(i think this is because he got some of his own questions wrong by not selecting all the options when doing the practice run).

I have had a look on help but can't see away of doing this. I know I can allocate more points per question but the question is still marked as incorrect, or is this the only way around it?



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