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Hello All.

All the LMS I had worked on has allowed me to limit the number of learner attempts to a quiz. For example, a setting can be set that the learner has 3 attempts to pass the quiz at 80% for example. After the 3rd attempt with no success, the LMS then restricts the learner from taking it again until the admin manually resets the learner history so they can retake the quiz. I think for the most part, most LMSs work that way. 

I am currently working with an LMS where that type of setting is not possible at all. The vendor is suggesting that I set the attempts on my SCO. I have two issues with this: 1) Won't that make the SCO only accessible 3 times, and 2) I can't find where in Storyline I would set that setting.

Can someone recommend a solution...or if 1 above will function the same was if I had set the restriction on the LMS, where in Storyline can I set that?

Thanks! Awaiting your responses.

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Senthil Kumar


Let me tell you how i have achieved this functionality in my SCORM 1.2 course using JS. 

Add a slide trigger in the first question of the assessment. When user enter the assessment page first time in a session, it should send value 1 to "cmi.comments" also "commit LMS " immediately using javascript.

cmi.comments field in SCORM 1.2 will add data and not update, 

For example if user enter the first page of assessment, 3 times then the value of cmi.comments will be "111", 

Add a trigger here to get and check cmi.comments value == "111" to stop the user to attempt 4th time.... 

Create a layer to tell the learner, to send an email.

Hope it helps if you use SCORM1.2!



Emily Ruby

Hello Todd!

You could set this up using a variable on the results slide for the quiz.. Make a Numeric variable X set at 0. The have the variable Add 1 when the timeline starts. Then set the "retry quiz" button to become Disabled when timeline starts when X = 3.

Attached is a quick file for reference.

Darren D

Thanks for sharing these solutions Emily and Senthil. I'm interested in this concept as well.

Emily, any chance you can publish your example in SL 1? I get the concept but seeing the demo will help a lot.

Much appreciated.

Senthil, is there a quick demo that you have to show how you programmed the JS to work that way?
Thanks again.


Darren D

Thanks Emily,

I tried it out and it worked (just had to move the one retry quiz button to the failed layer).

Here's another layer to the issue (pun intended!) that perhaps you can help out with.

This functionality works while a user is the in quiz, then restricts them to the 3rd attempt before they must ext. However, after they exit the course, as the SL file is currently, they can re-enter the course from the LMS anytime they choose and get a brand new 3 attempts once they re-enter the course.

So the question: Is there a way to not only limit their tries in the SCO but also have something inside the SCO to remember the user who had 3 attempts before and not let them have a fresh 3 tries after they exit and go back into the course?

Sara Hargrave

Hello. I am using Storyline 2. I have successfully created a quiz in which I allow for only two attempts at the quiz if the test taker remains in the quiz. Once they exit the quiz the LMS allows the test taker to "Resume" (I have quiz properties set to Never Resume) providing them with two new attempts. What do I need to do so the test taker cannot Resume after 'failing' quiz upon their allowed two attempts?

Emily Ruby

Hi Sara,

Setting the course to Never Resume would allow them to start back at the beginning when they go back into the course, which would allow them to retake the quiz. You may want to set the course to Always Resume, so that when they re enter a course after failing, they are sent to the last page they viewed.