Quiz Score different through LMS than on the Quiz Results Page

Nov 16, 2016

I created a 44 page module with 5 quiz questions at the end. Each question is multiple choice, unlimited tries, yielding 2pts when you finally get the right answer. So really you can never fail, you just keep clicking till you get the right one.

I also have a Quiz Results page that I used to see the score at the end and it does show 100% completed and 10pts scored.

When I publish with settings:
Passed / Incomplete  (also tested it with Passed / Failed)
Tracking using Quiz Results from Results Slide (I only have one results slide)

and run it through LMS and also tested on SCORM Cloud, what I'm getting back is that the course is incomplete and even though I know I chose all the right answers, always only shows 20% for the score on SCORM Cloud.

Has anyone experienced this before?  Help!


I deleted the whole training front end of the module and kept only an intro page, 5 quiz pages, quiz results (also ending) page. And ran it through SCORM cloud under passed/failed and this time it did pass with 100% and a success/pass rating. 

I added the beginning training slides back in and we're back to yielding an incomplete and on 20% score. 

I'm so puzzled

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Cecile Pham

Hi Leslie!!  Wilbert was already able to help me. I had opened a case. Turns out I had the submit interaction trigger on the wrong object on each Quiz slide.  I had it trigger when you went to the next slide on a continue button instead of on the multiple choice button itself. This allowed it to record fine on the results page but for some reason doesn't pass through to LMS properly.

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