Quiz scores not recording correctly

I am wondering if anyone has experienced this and may know what is gong on. 

The set up: We have a training that is made up of multiple modules (created using Storyline 360). Each module has a quiz that is split into thirds, so that the learner completes a third of the module and gets quiz questions, etc... The results slide compiles all 25 quiz questions. 

The problem:  We have had 2 trainees so far tell us that their quiz score at the end does not reflect how they should have scored (more answers are being recorded as incorrect). Digging a bit deeper, one trainee indicated that when reviewing the quiz, the first 9 questions show as incorrect, even though the response shown on the screen is correct. Even more puzzling, this is not happening all of the time. So one trainee may not have a problem with a quiz while another one will.  Even more puzzling, the two trainees who have had this issue experienced it on two different course modules. Trainees can stop and resume course modules (they do not have to be completed in one sitting).

If anyone has an ideas as to what may be happening or ideas for troubleshooting,  that would be very welcome. 



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Adena Wilson

Some more info. Another trainee experience the same thing on a different module and reported:

As I was going thru the quiz questions it was telling me that I was getting the answers correct. When I got all done it told me I got a 76 percent on the quiz. When I reviewed the quiz and it showed the incorrect questions in the first section that I had left them blank. I know I had answered them correctly. I went back thru the questions and tried retaking the quiz. It let me but the original score stuck.

The quiz is set up so that you get two tries per question, but you should not be able to retake the quiz. 

Adena Wilson

Even more information: we were able to recreate it in-house and what happened for us is that we took the first third of the quiz (got all correct), stopped, then resumed but were not asked to resume where left off. So we started again, the quiz questions were as if they had not been taken, so we answered them again correctly but at the results slide the score was as if those first questions were answered incorrectly and then upon reviewing the quiz those questions showed as incorrect with no answer recorded.