Quiz slide - Anything BUT the Hotspot

In a quiz slide I have a hotspot that is the correct answer.  I want the learner to get the feedback for "incorrect" if they click anywhere BUT the hotspot.  In other words, the hotspot is correct, anything else is incorrect.

I've been building these successfully using multiple hotspots, but it just seems like there should be an easier way.

Am I missing the obvious?


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Michael Hinze

I apologize in advance if I misunderstood your question, but, to me, your description sounds like a Hotspot quiz question with one hotspot that happens to be the correct choice (see this example here). If you click the hotspot (blue rectangle) you get the "correct' feedback. Clicking ANYWHERE ELSE, will display the 'Incorrect' feedback. The setup for this example looks like this:

Is that what you wanted?

Michael Palko

Thanks for the quick reply, Michael.

Yes, that's it.  But for some reason I wasn't getting the feedback in my quiz.

I'm not using the SUBMIT button, instead I want the feedback based solely on a click.

Perhaps I was overthinking it.  On a related note, I have become a quite good at creating triggers.

Appreciate your help!

Michael Palko

I think I found a different solution that works for my more complicated scenario.  See the attached file for a sample.

In the scenario, I'm anticipating the learner will pick one of two hotspots:

  1. The ideal one, in this case "yellow", and
  2. One that works, but it's not the best way, in this case "red."  (It's not wrong, just not the preferred choice.)

If I give my feedback based on their choice, rather than on the question, I can accomplish what I want:

  • Pick yellow and move on in the lesson
  • Pick red, I'll tell you that's OK, but... pick yellow instead
  • Pick green or blue and you're wrong, try again.