Quiz slide disappearing when feedback pops up

I've done something and can't figure out how to fix it.  I have quiz questions throughout my presentation and there is a pop-up window that comes up with feedback when the user clicks submit.  Well, as soon as the feedback window pops up, my quiz question disappears...then when the user clicks next, the quiz question pops up for a split second before going to the next slide.  Obviously I've done something somewhere to hide the base layer, but when I try to change it, all of the things on my base layer have the "eye" icon beside them.  


Can anyone help?  Thanks!!

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Bronwyn Botts

Thanks Susi!  I don't **think** that I have the base layer objects hidden.  :)  Here is my slide layer properties for one of my feedback layers.  My goal is to have the quiz question STAY there when the feedback pops up.  Does this help you to be able to help me??  :)  

Susi B

Hey Bronwyn,

your properties for layers are alright. So maybe you have background image on your feedbacklayer/master? I could not imagine why else it should disappear. If not maybe you could share one of your slides in here so we could take a look into it. If you´re not comfortable with sharing your slide/file you can send it to the articulate suport team here.



Alyssa Gomez

Hi Bronwyn,

This one has me stumped, too! I don't see anything on your layer or in the layer settings that would cause the base layer to be hidden. Although I'm not sure what caused this, I was able to fix it by duplicating the Correct layer, and renaming it as "Incorrect".

Have a look at your updated file, and let me know if that will work for you!