Quiz slide, lightboxes, and submit buttons

I want to use quiz question slides as lighboxes in storyline.  The problem is, as a lightbox slide the submit button does not show up.  Is there an option to have it show?  If not, and I create my own submit button and put onto the slide itself, how do I properly handle the visited state?  Specifically - if the learner clicks submit without choosing a response they get the popup saying they must make a choice, but now my submit button looks 'Visited'

Any thoughts on this?

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Gordon UBS Lam

Hi Phil,

It seems that for me the submit button still wont show on the lightbox slide even if checked. It shows on the slide where the learner would click to view the lightbox question slide, but not on the lightbox slide itself.  But I will play with the visited state a bit and see what I can get it to do.  Thanks!

Ben  Wyse

I created a little quiz with the questions and results in a lightbox.  I added a Submit button to the slide body. 

There is a box which pops up if the user tries to click submit without selecting an answer.    It clears immediately when an answer is selected.

I set a trigger on the Results slide to close the lightbox when you restart the quiz.   You could have that trigger to do the same thing and just take you to the next section of your course.   Here is a demo and the Storyline file.