Quiz slide plays timeline again during Quiz Results review

Mostly everything else functions okay:

  • the score/points tally
  • the pages reset properly when triggered

But for some reason the very last slide of the Quiz plays the timeline graphics and audio again during Results Review. 

There are 7 questions and 1-6 keep their visited state with the green/red bar at the bottom while reviewing. For some reason, slide 7 (the last slide) of my quiz plays the timeline again. All of the quiz slides have "Automatically Decide" for the Revisits properties since I also have a retry quiz button that resets the quiz. Can anyone provide insight? File attached.

Note: You must pass the quiz in order to click the Review Quiz / Quiz Results button.

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Ren Gomez

Hi Emanuel,

Thanks for sharing your file! I jumped in and couldn't pinpoint the reason why that final question replays parts of the timeline. I even set the slide to Resumed Saved State, and it wouldn't stick.

I've opened a case on your behalf to have one of our support engineers take a look and see what could be causing the slide to reset during quiz review. Be on the lookout for a response soon!

Emanuel Falade

Good day David,

Unfortunately no. The E-Learning Heroes rep that was helping me had to escalate this to the engineers to figure it out. That was back in September and I still haven't heard anything 😟. Also, we (my team) checked to see if a fix was included in the recent update but no dice.

I hope we can get this resolved soon because it looks very unprofessional when we are demonstrating courses to prospective clients.