Quiz slide radio buttons formatting giving away answers

Jan 17, 2020

Hi there,

Just wondering if anyone might know what's going wrong here. 

I have 9 single and multi choice quiz slide in our eLearn. On all of these slides the radio buttons are formatted with simple colour formatting using the Radio button format tool. I have checked and all buttons are correctly formatted (I haven't missed out the correct answers). Please see attached screenshots of examples.

In Storyline  slide preview and Articulate Review the correct answers are displaying as a grey colour which gives the answer away. All the other radio buttons are displaying the correct formatting.

If anyone has any bright ideas they would be much appreciated! 

Thank you :)

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Joel Thomas

Hi there Wendy,

Thank you very much for your reply. No they are not from content library - all just self designed.

I have saved 1 quiz slide featuring the issue and also the review slide in case that is adding to the issue.

Any help would be very much appreciated thank you! 

Joel :)

Joel Thomas

I can see why you have "Hero" next to your name Wendy. That's very deserved.

Thank you so much! That is so generous of you to spend the time to help me with my problem and also capture it in video too. Wow! Above and beyond.

Just wondering if you could leave that video there for a couple of days so I can work on all the slides and get them fixed over the weekend please? I will be referring to the video more than once I reckon!

Once again thank you and have a lovely weekend.

Joel :)