Quiz slide shows as blank slide, but only in Flash

Nov 29, 2017

I ran into a problem today when testing an assignment regarding my company's safety rules.  There are some custom variables that are used to determine if all rules have been agreed to, and if not, will give them another try (max 3 tries).  I ran into an issue where if a set of rules is not agreed to and I return to that set of rules to read them again, I'm left with the player window being blank when I get to the quiz slide (where we are asking them to agree).  This happens with any of the three rule sets.  If I agree to all three sets of rules on the first run through, the course completes correctly.   If I preview the course from SL3 it works as expected, and if viewed in HTML5 it works as expected, it only fails in Flash. I'm testing on a local hard drive with Flash set to allow content to the folder I'm testing from.  I'm using IE 11 to test Flash; our corporate network policy blocks all other browsers from being installed.  The majority of our workstations are using Windows 7 so using Edge browser for HTML5 isn't a possibility just yet.  I attached a sample of the .story file (stripped of corporate branding, content, etc.)

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James Newcomb

Ok, so I just figured out that when viewing the web-published (as HTML5/Flash backup) content locally, it defaults to Flash in IE11, but when uploaded to scorm cloud as a scorm 1.2 package, it displays as HTML5.  so this problem is "fixed" in the sense that I won't need to fall back to Flash, I can publish as HTML5 only.

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