Quiz slides are not recognized in the Results slide

I have created a storyline presentation including two gradable slides where clicking on a defined field should be recognized and submitted as result in a result slide. Therefore, I have created "pick one" interactions on each of the gradable slides and included them in a Graded Result Slide . Although everything looked fine, the interactions are not recognized in the results slide, the result always stays at 0%. Which settings do I have to make additionally?

Thanks for any help.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Martina,

So you've set up pick one questions for where a user needs to click on an object or a hotspot? Did you check in the "edit pick one" that the scoring didn't get turned off or the score points removed?

If you're still having difficulty, are you able to share this set up for us to take a look at?

martina bucher-fresi

Hi Ashley, Thanks for your message. Please find some screenshots of my setup in the attachment. I have two graded slides with hotspots, defined with the same settings in “Pick-One”. Clicking on both defined hotspots, however, always results in 0 points. . Thanks again and