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I will appreciate it if anyone can kindly guide me.

I mainly wanted to create quizes online and I have been looking on storyline and captivate but I seemed lost on which one to choose or whether any of this can do what I want.

Is articulate storyline enough to produce the functionality of this quiz (please check the demo site) at http://mrcpsychmentor.com/ or what softwares can I buy to create this quiz. I am more interested in creating a larger question feedback that articulate or captivate perhaps can provide. Most of all, does anyone have any idea what did they use to create this quiz.

Thanks in advance

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Brian Dennis

The languages are HTML and Javascript. I viewed the code in Chrome with it's View Source option, a feature most modern browsers offer. Do note - it's coded for computers; not exactly the easiest to read.

Sadly most of my e-learning is combination of DoD and internal corporate training so my public portfolio is pretty empty (for now). Have you checked out the Showcase section of these forums? Some truly amazing and talented folks!!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ber,

You may also want to read through these other forum discussions where users discussed the pros and cons of Storyline vs. Captivate:

If you have other questions our Success team would also be happy to talk to you and offer any advice.