quiz/survey combo & anonymous tracking

I want to put together a survey followed by an assessment (right/wrong answers)-- can I do this in one file so that I can track the responses?  I'm hosting on Articulate Online.  

If I want to use a public link to this document so that respondents can answer anonymously but I still need to track the responses given-- is this possible as well?

I've tried a test doc but it doesn't show up on the A/O reporting end except in guestbook activity, without details on the responses given


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bud,

The guestbook report will actually pull a report of the information the users shared in the guest book. You will want to look at the standard reports to pull content about the course - but if your users are accessing the course from the same computer and only using the guestbook that could cause reporting and tracking difficulties.