Quiz/Survey Form: Formatting Questions and Answers

I have an issue with formatting quiz questions and answers.  I formatted the answer choices' backgrounds, but when they display, they display the answer in a different format.  Further, I cannot seem to remove the formatting.  What should I do to fix this?

I cannot find the answer on the blog or in a tutorial.


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BJ Campbell

Hello Emily - thanks for the reply.

Yes, I always work locally. I did try to change them with the slide master, but that did not work.  It actually partially fixed the problem, but when I published the slides, the answer was always highlighted anyway - it was odd.  

I updated them one at a time in the current project, and I won't try formatting the answer text or background again anytime soon!

I'll test formatting answers when I have a chance.

Thanks again!

Emily Ruby

Hello B!

When you format the answers in quiz slides, they will need to be changed in the States as well. When a correct answer is set up, its initial state will default to "selected" If you want the formatting to stay the same when a user starts the slide, and when they select it, you need to make sure the "normal" state is the same as the Selected state.

Also, to remove the formatting, you can just right click on the selected answer box, and click on Format Shape. 

Emily Ruby

Hello B!

You cannot have two masters on the same slide, so making a separate one for questions/answers would not work. You can change the Question master slide, and format the question text box and the answer text box from there. However, this will apply to the background of the answers, you can format the individual answer boxes from the slide itself.