Quiz Template 508 Issue

So we are having an issue with JAWs reading multiple choice questions with radial buttons. For some reason it reads the last option as whatever is the next item in the tab order.

I tested this is a new project by creating a new quiz question, adding text in the question stem and all four options (it reads properly at this point) and then adding another text box underneath the options on the stage. Now JAWs reads the first three options just fine, but then reads the new text box's text instead of the 4th option and calls it a radial button. The text box itself reads properly.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for reaching out here and sharing a copy of your file. I did a bit of searching and found one other report of this that was passed along to our Quality Assurance team to take a look and investigate it. I'll include this thread in the report filed with them as another sample. Also it seems that the workaround was removing the additional text box items below the answer choices and additionally our team found that odd behavior also occurred more frequently when the text for the answer choices was added on the slide vs. the form view. 

Matthew Paquette

Thanks for passing that along, hopefully it helps narrow down the cause, unfortunately after a bit more research I think the fault lie more with JAWs than with storyline itself, as NVDA reads it just fine. Also we cannot remove the text that appears below as it is part of our master slide face-plate which includes out custom navigation and option buttons.

Matthew Paquette

We did determine it to be an issue with JAWs itself. There were similar behavior with radial buttons in pure html when applied to list items.  Our client was ok with this when we demonstrated NVDA working properly. We were also able to answer the questions correctly using the keyboard when JAWs was not running. I sent a report to JAWs but I suppose the issue was never addressed.