Quiz timer doesnt work

Hi, I have the following problem on my articulate storyline project:

I am building a CBT which contains 5 questions banks , each one assigned with their result slides. Each one contains 20 questions from which the 10 are picked up randomly when the user goes to test slides. I have set a timer to End the quiz after 10 minutes, start timer with first question and timer format elapsed. 

When the user reached the quiz slide and answer all 10 questions before the timer ends, everything is fine.

But if the user doesnt answer all 10 questions before the timer ends, he got the message that the time finished (correct) but he is redirected to a wrong result slide. Moreover, it returns score 0% (0 points) but is showing the Passed layer with the congratulations message (see attached picture).

Example: I have the quizzes A,B,C,D and E.

I go to quiz A and I answer all questions before the 10 minutes. I am redirecting to Results slide A showing my score and Passed layer if my score is more than the passing score or Fail layer if it is lower.

I go to quiz A again and I answer 2 out of 10 question (correctly). I wait until the 10 minutes are elapsed. I am redirecting to results slide B showing score 0 and Pass layer.


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konstantinos zinonos


I have deleted the quiz A and recreate it. Now when I go to quiz A and wait until time finishes, it is redirecting to Results slide of A, but if i go to Quiz B,C,D or E and wait until the time finishes, it is going to Results slide A!! 

It means that it is always redirecting to the last created Quiz. I guess it is a software bug?

Ademola Johnson

Hi konstantinos,

I have few questions for clarifications.

  1. Do you have separate result slides for all the assessments?
  2. If you do, Do you have a central result slide that collates results from the individual result slides?
  3. On which of the result slides did you set the timer?

I have had to create  something similar and I would explain what i did here maybe you can pick up somethings from it.

I created a course with three different modules and each module having their question banks, however, the client requested that the learners only have access to the assessments after the modules are completed.

Each question bank contained 15 questions and learners were to take 10 questions randomly from each module.


After creating the question banks and populating with the questions, I created a new scene and inserted the question banks and set to show just 10 out of the 15 questions randomly. I didnt create a result slide for each banks, instea, i created 1 result slide to collate the answers from the 3 banks and I set the passing score and time on it and it worked perfectly.

konstantinos zinonos

Hi Ademola, thanks for your reply.


1.Yes, I have separate result slides for all the assessments.


3. I have set timer to all the result slides. Some quizzes requires 10 minutes and some other 15.

My project is similar to yours. Actually I have also 3 modules. At the end of each module, the learner should take an "Intermediate" exam. Having pass all 3 Intermediate exams, learner will be eligible to take Final exam. Each intermediate exam question bank consists of 20 questions and the user picks 10 randomly. The time for intermediate exam is 10 minutes. The Final exam, is a different story. The questions bank is consisted of 75 questions and the user picks 25 questions automatically. The time to complete this exam is 20 minutes.

So, as you can see, I cannot use your solution..

konstantinos zinonos

@Ademola, I have checked, no links to result slide A. As I have investigated, while compiling the project, is always referencing to the last created Quiz slide and when the time finishes it redirects to that slide, no matter in which result slide is linked. Again, if you finish the quiz before the time finish, it is redirecting to the correct result slide and everything is fine.


@Ashley, Unfortunately, even if I share my project it would be very difficult to reproduce the error. The project is complex, you need to go to a website, create the user, receive email with credentials and then login to CBT. In order to test it, i have created a local server  (wamp) and simulating the website. Everything on the project works fine apart the  link to wrong result slide when time elapsed.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Konstantinos, 

Does it also cause the same issue on the local website? I wasn't clear about that last part? Are all the slides in the same scene or separate scenes? I'm unsure on other ideas to offer without seeing it and experiencing the timer behavior but you're welcome to reach out to our team here for some additional troubleshooting.