Quiz Timer not stopping on initial visit to results slide.

Hi Articulate Gurus

I am working on a branching scenario with 131 slides, where you have to "Save Jeff" in 3 minutes. The project is built using freeform pick many slides. I am using the Quiz Timer (from the results slide) to add time pressure to the user. It counts down well (commencing on the first question) but does not stop when the user reaches the results slide the first time.   The timer keeps counting down and only stops when the user decides to "review quiz", in which case the timer stops when the user reviews all slides and gets back to the results slide again. The timer does reset to zero successfully if the user decides to "retry quiz".  I need the timer to stop as soon as the user reaches the results slide on the first visit.   There doesn't appear to be any other way to stop the timer ( I am guessing the stop function is behind the scenes in the results slide).   As this project is a branching scenario there are numerous paths, and the user does not visit all quiz questions, but all users reach the results slide at the end.  All the questions and the results slide are in one scene.  All the questions are selected in the results slide.   I am not able to post the project here, unfortunately, due to confidentiality issues but would be happy to send it into Articulate for help.

I have tried various things to get it working properly such as moving the triggers in the results slide.  I also tried inserting another results slide that runs the timing, but couldn't get the timer to stop at all.  I have upgraded my version of SL to Update 9:1605.1919 and retested and also tested in ScormCloud.  But no avail.  Any ideas anyone, please?   

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Frances,

Do you have more than one results slide in your course? If so, that's a known issue where the timer isn't stopping or resetting once they've reached the final results slide which is tracking the other previous results slides. 

You mentioned you can't share publicly but you're welcome to send along to our team here. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Abdel,

I took a look at Frances case, and it appeared to be an issue with a corrupt slide, although she wasn't able to rebuild that slide to have it work. Only once it was removed completely did the slide timer function.

If you'd be able to connect with our Support Team they are happy to take a look at your file, and that will shed some more light on this issue!