Quiz timer not stopping on result slide


I have a quiz set up with draw from 3 question banks, and a final result slide for all three quiz banks at the end. 

I have a timer of 60 minutes on the quiz, but notice that when I reach the result slide, the quiz timer does not stop. So if someone have passed, but uses a long time to click the exit button, they will not pass the test. 

Could anyone help me with a solution to this problem? 

Thank you so much for your help. 

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Tyler Braddick


The results slide does count as part of the exam, once a user clicks Review or Exit (if you've added that as an option) it will stop the timer. If you would like more information about Results Slides please view the following article: Storyline 360: Adding Result Slides, Step 4 discusses quiz timers. 

One way to make sure that the user stops the timer without interaction would be to add a final slide after the results and have it jump to that slide once the Timeline ends on the results slide. Set the timeline to your preferred length (5 seconds by default) and it will stop the timer once it moves to that slide after the results page. Please see my attached file for reference. 

However, I do see how this adds extra steps and sounds like it could be a great Feature Request!