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Hi there,

is there now a solution for time out quizzes?
I am talking about that 5 years old thread, in which an update is mentioned, suggesting that there is a solution.


Dustin Andjelkovich (Author) said:
So what Im essentially trying to avoid is a situation where we have a 40 question quiz and the timer runs out at question 20, this still leaves the student to click through another 20 sildes to get graded. Is there anyway around this, or is the student just going to have to click through all the slides inorder to grade the results?

Ashley Terwilliger (Staff) said:
Hi Dustin,
Currently, no - but this is something our QA team is looking into a fix for so that when you click "Ok" the user would be brought to the results slide, but I don't have a time frame to offer on when that would be available. I'll include this thread in the existing report so that I can update you once I have additional information to share.

Christine Hendrickson (Staff said:
Great news! I wanted to stop by and let you all know that Storyline Update 6 is now available......

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Thorsten,

That's quite an old thread! The update Christine mentioned is for Storyline 1 Update 6, but it looks like you're using Storyline 3. 

In Storyline 3, when the quiz timer ends, the learner will see this message: Time Limit Exceeded – You have reached the time limit set for the quiz. Press 'OK' to continue. 

Clicking the OK button will bring the learner directly to the result slide.