Quiz timer with SABA

We created an exam based on a Storyline (update 2 + SABA LMS update) Quiz with a timer. We published it using SCORM 1.2 passed/failed to SABA LMS (don't know the exact version of the LMS though). Everything works fine, when the timer reach 0, a popup tell me i'm out of time. If I click Ok, I can continue the quiz until the end. Then the pass result is sent to the LMS, even though I was out of time.

Does anyone experience the same thing ? Any advices, thoughts, solutions ?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Peak,

It sounds like your quiz notifies you that the timer has expired, but still allows you to continue and pass the quiz, correct?

Have you tested your course in SCORM Cloud? This would help us determine if the issue is Articulate related or if it's on your LMS's side. If you're using AICC content please take a look at the article below for testing information:

Articulate Support - Testing AICC content at SCORM Cloud

If it appears in SCORM Cloud as well, we'd be happy to take a closer look at what might be going on.

If you can't replicate the issue in SCORM Cloud, it's probably an issue that you'd want to take to your LMS team. 

The articles here and here may also help clear up common LMS issues.

Let us know how it turns out.


Peak Bagger

You're right !

I can't use SCORM Cloud because of my network environment which is very controlled.

When testing the exam locally, I can click ok on the timeout popup and reach the next question, but I can't answer that question and finish the exam. The LMS manager told me that on SABA he could answer all of the answer remaining after the timeout which is a problem for us...

I've already checked the two links you send me and it doesn't help.

Thanks for your help anyway !

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Peak,

No problem, I understand if you're unable to test there.

I'm not sure if you can, I'm guessing you may need to keep the file confidential, but you're welcome to share the .STORY file here. I'd be happy to take a look.

If, however, you'd like to keep the file private, you're welcome to share it with our support team. Any files send to us privately will remain confidential. 

If you do decide to share the file with our support team, you can attach the .STORY file on the second page of the following form:

Articulate Support - Submit a Support Case

Please be sure to include a description of your issue. Please also include the URL for this thread in the form. Also, please share the case number with me. You're welcome to do so here, or in a private message. This way I can follow the progress of the case and update this thread.