Quiz to appear after True / False variables are completed

hi i am new to storyline. 

I created a course outline branching slide with the 5 topic areas for the course. 

Once each section is completed they can go onto the next. Once all 5 are complete i want a quiz button to appear and they can go to the Quiz scene. How do i do this? 

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Walt Hamilton

If the picture is of your project, you only need to add two things.

On each of the topics, on the object they click to return to this slide, you need to add a trigger to set the appropriate variable to true. Be sure it is above the trigger to jump to the menu slide.

On the menu slide, after the triggers to set the state of objects to completed, add a trigger to set the state of the quiz button to Normal with the conditions that all the other 5 variables are true. The quiz button should have an initial state of Hidden, and the slide should have a property of reset to initial state on revisit.