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Hi All,

I have a course where by the user can chose 1 of 2 paths to complete and at the end of the course each path has its own set of quiz questions with its own results slide.

From a LMS tracking it can only use 1 of these 2 results slides and wondered if there is a way of creating a master results slide that pulls through the results from either to make 100% (each quiz has the same number of questions)

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Adam Meek

Hi Leslie

I am running storyline 2

I have looked at the guides and I understand you can have a main results slide however the problem I have is it will add up both results slide, and because the user will only ever take one or the other quiz the max result would be 50%

Is there a way of making storyline recognise the score and double it and then display the new result. i.e. if user gets all questions right it would display as 50% however as they are only taking 1 quiz, double the result so it then reads 100%.

Hope you can help?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Adam,

Unfortunately, there isn't a way to edit the results slide variable and manipulate it based on what score the user received on your one quiz.

 I know some folks in the past have looked at the simple solution of setting the passing threshold to account for the users to only receive a 50% at best, and then changed how things in the LMS display for not showing the overall score. 

The community may have some other ideas on how to set this up, as Storyline can only submit one result/completion method to your LMS.