Quiz visible after complete the course

Feb 18, 2022

Hi everyone!

I am new to Storyline and I just finished my first E-learning course.
I would like to end the course with a quiz, but I only want it to "show up" after the content of the course is completed.

For now, I made a "content" slide with chapters (buttons the user can click on) in which the last is the Quiz button. I want that specific button to only show up after everything is completed.

Can somebody help me how to do that? :D

Kind regards,


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Jerry Beaucaire

I use variables for things like this.   

  1. Create a T/F variable for each of your chapters.
  2. Add triggers in your chapters somewhere to set the chapter variable to TRUE when the user views enough of that chapter.  It can be when the chapter starts, or ends, when some button gets clicked at the end of that chapter, you get the idea.  Each chapter needs to be flagged as done.
  3. Back on your main screen, set the Quiz button to HIDDEN status for its initial state.
  4. Add triggers to change the state of the Quiz button to NORMAL when the chapter variables are all set to true.


Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Tessa, and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! ✨

Thank you for reaching out!

Jerry gave you a great suggestion using variables, but I also wanted to share how you can accomplish this using states.

I created a very short (less than three minutes) Peek 360 recording showing you how you can have your quiz button hidden at first, and only showing up after the user visits the other chapters.

Let me know if you have additional questions!