Quiz when each question depends on the previuos

I've posted this question in Quizzmaker, but now thought that maybe it can be done somehow with Storyline by bottoms.

Dear colleagues, I need to make a quiz, when every following depends on the previuos.

For example:

Question 1, answer yes|no.

If you answer "yes" your points are multiply on 1,5

If you answer "no" your points are divide on 1,77

And every following question depends on the results of previous.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Maria

see the attached rough SL360 sample file. I have used a custom variable called UserScore and started the first quiz slide points at 10 then as they answer the following quiz slide it increases or decreases.  

You'd then need to use javascript to send the User score variable to your LMS if indeed you wanted to track in LMS unless you are just presenting the score to the user on the slide and not tracking it.

Anyway, this may give you an idea how to progress.

In this example I haven't adjusted the result slide success fail layers.