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Sep 23, 2014

Hello,  I have a bunch of modules posted with quizzes.  Each quiz has a random amount of questions.  I have been fighting for days to allow 90% passing score or 1 wrong.  With odd number of questions the quiz will not allow 1 wrong or 90%.  Example I have one that is 6 questions.  That amount is not divisible in points evenly to shoot for 90% passing.  It would be 16.666 points.  

Any recommendations how to setup the results on odd number quizzes with this issue.  So many unhappy users right now!



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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Rochelle,

If I understand correctly, you want the Results Slide to display a rounded percent for the Learners. I had this same need for a project I was working on, but I don't know that I was dealing with as many variations as you were. We had to deal only with 3 and 6 question quizzes (the 4s and 5s took care of themselves ).

The attached 3-question quiz (plain vanilla...all function, no form!) exemplifies what we did:

We created a text variable called percent.

Then, we added triggers to change the percent variable = to the Results.ScorePercent when the timeline started on the Results Slide.

So, for example, when Learners get 2 wrong, SL gives them a score of 33.33%. The trigger says to change the Percent variable to 33% if the Results.ScorePercent=33.33%

Same for the others.

I've left the default variable references on the Results Slide so you can see what's happening, but you'd of course hide those.

So, that's one solution. I think others here in the forums have a Javascript solution as well. Perhaps they'll jump in and explain how that works.

Rochelle Shute

Seth - Thanks!  I know the math is impossible, thus my frustration. Why they would not build software that would allow you choose pass by points or percentages.  So silly. Maybe Storyline 2 will have some sense in this area!  The customer wants all training's fluid.  We have so many others with 5 or 10 questions in the past so there was no issue with how the results slide worked.  I am dealing with a new person so I think I will just request 5 or 10 questions.  So much to do so little time.  I spent my entire morning manipulating the LMS reports.  No thank you.  

Rebecca - Thank you so much for the example story.  I will play around with it to see if I can make it work for my use.  We have

quizzes with 16 and 23 questions, so much work for scoring.  It is almost taking me longer to do this quiz results sillyness then it did to build the training.  

Have a great week!


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