Quiz with 2 attempts, then a revisit content option.

Feb 21, 2017

The client wants the delegates to have 2 attempts at a final quiz and then if they are not successful, to revisit the training material content before trying the quiz again (another 2 times if necessary).

Despite following tutorials, and the set up of my file looking to be correct, I cannot get it to function in this way. Can anyone help?

For ref, the answers are as follows:

Q1 a

Q2 middle symbol


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Dave Cox

Hi LIndsey,

Sometimes, change the state of an object in a layer doesn't work. Also, it is better to set your attempt variable when the  results slide starts, rather than on the retry button in the layer. I added a second failure layer, and moved your logic to select the correct failure layer to the base layer, and I also moved your variable update to the base layer to run when the timeline starts, and to run as the first trigger on the stack. 

Give this a try.

Lindsey Hillman

I've just tested it again and it works, but on what is essentially the 3rd try of the final quiz you only get the next and prev buttons. You can select the answers by using the 'next' where you'd usually use 'submit' and the quiz reports correctly (when you go to the 4th try it goes back to a submit option oddly) so I don't suppose it matters hugely that the options change if the functionality is there. Odd mind you!

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