Quiz with multiple attempts

Hi All,

Is that possible to take the quiz with multiple attempts?

In my course, the bookmark feature is enabled. If I exit from the quiz in-between, the score passed (e.g. 5%). When I returned, it jumps on the same question but the new score doesn’t pass to the LMS after completing the quiz. Also, now every time it jumps on the same question on re-launching even if I complete the quiz.

On Moodle, it is already set multiple attempts.

If that is not possible then is that possible to remove the quiz bookmark, so that the user can take the quiz from the start?

Any thoughts?


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Shailesh Mewada

Hi Peter,

I want the resume functionality. The resume functionality in the course pages is fine but my issue is for the quiz. Quiz is a last section of my course.

Following is the behavior:
Suppose I have 10 questions in the quiz. I have exit from 5th question and score passed suppose 10%. Actually the score should not pass as the quiz is not yet completed.

When I re-launched, it is jumped on the same question from where I was left. I can attempt the rest of questions till end and reach to result page. The new score for the questions I have attempted is not passing. The result page is the last page of the course.

It is little confusing for the end user who is taking the quiz.

At least following should happen:
There should be some attempt option in Storyline that how many times the user can take the quiz. If it is set to one attempt, then next time it should not allow the user to take the quiz anymore. If we set the multiple attempts, then using the bookmark feature the user can jump on the same question and the score should not pass to the LMS till the quiz get completed.

For my current situation, Is there is possibility to stop the bookmark feature only for the quiz questions?

I have checked all option in Storyline but there is no control over it.

Please let me know if there is any more info.