Quiz with no feedback in SL 360

Jul 31, 2018

I need to create a quiz that does not provide feedback on submit.  The user can only retry the quiz.  When I delete the feedback layers the results becomes "unlinked" from the quiz.  Could use some guidance.

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Joshua Nickerson

Off the top of my head, I'd suggest leaving the correct/incorrect layers there, but set the template to "blank", delete the assets on the layer, and just add a trigger to each feedback layer "hide layer 'this layer' when timeline starts". You will never see any of the feedback then and it should hide itself without notice.

Joseph Cunningham

I tried this but couldn't get it to work for me. I don't understand what you meant by set the template to blank.

What did work for me, and others might try this, was to delete the layers for correct and incorrect, then add a trigger to the question slide that says continue to the next slide when user clicks submit. 

I tested it on a quiz I was writing, and it scored, allowing users to advance without clicking on the feedback. We have a quiz review option at the end, and there are only ten questions, so it seems to work.

Joshua Nickerson

Hi Joseph,

If you select the slide layer, you can right click on a blank area of the slide and select "Apply layout" from the drop down. When you move to that you get a sub-menu listing the available layout, from that list you choose "Blank" and it gets rid of everything except the text boxes and buttons, which you can then manually delete.

I'm glad deleting the layers worked for you, you could have probably just bypassed that with the new submit interaction you created now that I think about it. If you edit the quiz properties on that page in the future it might automatically re-create the correct/incorrect layers (I've had that happen, but can't remember what I was doing specifically that triggered that), but that shouldn't be a concern since you new submit button just tells it to submit and move on anyways. :)

Joseph Cunningham

Quick addendum. I found I have to add the trigger to the main slide to advance on submit before deleting the feedback layers. Deleting the feedback layers first disconnected that slide from all below it and the rest of the slides vanished. So I hit CRRL+Z and then added the trigger first. The rest worked just fine.


Nicole Nixon

I searched and found this post because this is exactly what I was trying to do. I wanted a quiz with no feedback. After reading the above responses, I had an idea that was a little different so I tried it. I was able to leave the feedback layers and just put a trigger on the main layer that said advance to the next slide when user clicks Submit. Then I moved this trigger to the first trigger, leaving the preset trigger as the second trigger. If you leave the preset trigger (that sends you to the feedback slide) as first, the system will show the feedback slide for a split second before advancing to the next slide. So if you are just trying to advance to the next question w/o the feedback, just adding the trigger to advance to the next slide and changing the order so that it is the first trigger works. No links broken. No deleting of layers. 

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