Quiz with number entry..'comma' in stead of a 'point'

Hello everyone,

Maybe my question is beyond stupid...but: I have to mae a quize with a huge number of questions where the only answers are numbers (it's a medical math course). So, I took the quiz template 'numbers'. In the Netherlands we use a comma and points to devide, like: 7,5 and 1.500.000.  I can't figger out how to use a comma in this and I am starting to think it is not possible. Off course I can use the 'fill in text' template for this, but then I have to write everywhere that one can not put in text.

Thank you!

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Marcus Algotsson

I made a solution that swaps the comma to a piont.

It's a text edit box with a Javascript (made with a little help from our programmer) that swaps the comma to a piont and converts it to number, to be able to use the number logic in Storyline.

If you input anything else then a number you get an alert.