Quizes published for LMS not working


I started having lots of problems with the quizzes on my courses.

I have both small one or two question quizzes and longer ones with up to 8 questions.

The problem seems to be that all of a sudden the quizzes freeze. The users answer the first question and then nothing happens. Some people report that they have to start the course again but then they get stuck at the same place. For some other people, the quizzes work, but it takes several seconds to move from one question to the next.

I really have no idea about what is causing this problem. I haven't changed the way in which I publish my courses or how I make my quizzes and there used to be no problems before.

Anyone had a similar problem and can offer me some help?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Christian,

When you log into Heroes, up at the very top right hand corner is a section for the inbox as you see in this picture. If you click on the inbox you should be taken to a screen with all of Alba's messages and that's where you'd see the message from Justin.

 If you still don't see it, you could try to send  Justin a message by clicking on his name below his picture - and you'll be taken to his profile where there will be another link to send him a private message on the left hand side below his picture. 

Alba Pérez

Hello Ashley,

I am Alba, I am back again.

Is it normall that I don't get any of the private messages to my inbox here?

We did send Justin a private message like you suggested but his reply still doesn't show in the e-learning heroes inbox. I know he replied because this time his email was forwarded to my own work email.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alba,

I just checked your account and didn't see anything out of the ordinary. Have you confirmed that you're set up to receive emails from the site within your profile settings:  I'll also try to send you a private message to see if it's something specific to you and Justin or to your account. 

Alba Pérez

I now have a solution for the problem I posted above and I thought I should post it here in case somebody else can use it.

The problem was the my e-learning chapter was sending a lot of information to my LMS every time that the "submit" button was pressed, my LMS couldn't handle that and caused the questions to freeze.

Our first workaround was to change the question buttons to next and previous so it only submits at the end of the test, however there was still the freezing problem right before the results slide.

The solution is to change a setting after you publish the chapter: open the pusblished folder, open the "lms" folder and right click on the "configuration.js" file, select to "Open with" Notepad, you will get a document with lots of text. There you can find a line saying "DO NOT REPORT INTERACTIONS - false" change that to "true" and you are good to go!

Hope this helps someone :)