Quizz review/retry - How to set up restricted navigation

Jan 13, 2013


I would like to now how to set up articulate to select slides that will be accessible during quizz review/retry. Is it possible to remove next and previous button or to insert a trigger that will select the access to next and previous slides?

My problem is that when user click on next, he is redirect on slides that are supposed to be hidden (slides that are dedicated to zoom zone).

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Gerry Wasiluk

Yes, this should be possible.

The key is providing your own navigation buttons on your question slides during quiz review.  To this, besides turning off the default Next/Previous buttons, I use a variable that tracks if the quiz has been taken. Depending on the value of the variable, my custom navigation buttons show up during quiz review.

Before I go farther, are your quiz questions in contiguous order and are questions asked in order or are they randomly presented?

Vincent Carabotta

I tried to set up the player and deactivate previous and next button but it's not applicable when you are reviewing the quizz. If I provide navigation button, user will be allowed to access booth. I am not very comfortable with variable ...

Questions are not in continuous order. I have two quizzes but you have normal slides in between. Questions are asked in order.

Gerry Wasiluk

Yes, you can deactivate the stock Next And Previous buttons when in quiz review.  However, to do that, you have to use your own custom navigation buttons for each slide, make sure each slide does not have the stock Next and Previous buttons enabled and then remove all the player controls in the Player menu.

Might not be what a lot of folks want but you can remove them.

Here's an example of a course that I did to do this.  The quiz questions are all contiguous but it should also work in your scenario.  When you get to the final quiz then try quiz review.  The stock Next and Previous buttons are gone.  I did provide my own custom Next and Previous button with their own triggers.  I also used my own submit button for the quiz and this button disappears during quiz review where it makes sense not to see it.

Unfortunately to do this, it require variables.  Sooner or later, if you really want to master Storyline, you're going to have to embrace variables.  They are really not that hard.

Nancy Roderick

I didn't get all the way through the course but your user-created Next and Previous buttons prompted a question in my mind. If the text of any question or answer was very long and required the addition of scrollbars by the system, what would happen to your buttons? Would they just overlay the text, making some of it unreadable unless you could see above or below them with the scrolling?

Is there any way to remove the correct and incorrect bar from the bottom of the screen permanently, change it to a smaller rectangle or other shape, or move it to another location on the slde?

How did you add those buttons to the review slides? Is there a review feedback master?

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